Our Privacy Policy
Great Lakes Window Parts  does not sell,rent,loan,trade or lease any information
collected on our site. This includes Postal addresses,Email address or Telephone
Placing an Order
When you place an order we collect your name,company name (where applicable)
and contact information. This information will be used solely to support your
interaction with our site and to deliver your purchases to you.
Email Addresses
We will not sell or trade your Email address to anyone. Email address are taken  for
the purpose of confirming the receipt of an order or to notify the customer of a
problem with the order. Unless
specifically requested we will never Email a customer
promotional or sales information
Telephone Numbers
Telephone numbers are collected for the sole purpose of clarifying your order if
necessary. If this occurs we will contact you only between the hours of 9 A.M. To 5
P.M. EasternTime.Great Lakes Window Parts does not engage in telemarketing , nor
will we sell or trade your number to anyone.
Great Lakes Window Part does not track visitors to our web site.We do collect limited
information about which pages are most/least popular.This information is not
personally identifiable.We use this information to analyze general traffic patterns,to
preform routine maintenance and as an aide in normal business decision making.
Contact Us
Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about this policy
Our Address
Great Lakes Window Parts
7893 230 Th Ave
Stanwood Mi.49346